LTBP #90 – Nate Green: Knowing Your Customer, Writing Content and Transferrable Skills

In this episode, we chat to Nate Green. You can check out Nate’s work and sign-up to his highly recommended newsletter here   Topics covered in this episode: — Transitioning from gym owner and full-time personal trainer into a career that he controls. — What questions to ask yourself before you write a social media or […]

LTBP #86 – Steve Bradley: Building & Managing Online Group Training With 3,000 Clients

Stuart chats to Steve Bradley from The Fitness Guy about how he built up his online group training business. We cover: What does Steve’s typical day look like nowadays? Does he still get the same buzz and meaning from his job now it’s transitioned to fully online? How did the fitness guy start? How he started the […]

LTBP #85 – Joe Parish: Going From a Hobby to a Full-Time Online Business

Great to have on first time guest, Joe Parish from teamjphysique on to the podcast. Topics covered include: – Scanning for clients who are ready to change – What his motivations for competing in both powerlifting and bodybuilding were – What does he feel has been the catalyst for his business growth – Why you shouldn’t attach […]