Mental Health

We feel great responsibility to all our members, and it means a great deal when one of you reaches out to us asking for help with regard to mental health issues. We want to help you, and we take that responsibility very seriously – meaning that we have to acknowledge that, in many cases, we will not be the best qualified people to help you with your problem. Sometimes, the most ethical and responsible thing to do – and the way to help you the most – is to direct you to services and practitioners that have the necessary experience and qualifications to genuinely help you manage whatever you are going through.

Finding Therapy: 

NHS Support

Make an appointment with your GP to discuss medication or referral to a therapist. If you are a UK resident all the help and support you receive will be free of charge, however you will not be able to choose the therapist you are assigned to and there is always a chance that they won’t be quite the right “fit” for you. You can ask to be referred to someone else if this is the case but this will of course take time (potentially a long time) to arrange.

Private Support

Searching within the private sector can be a daunting experience, with so many different “types” of practitioner it is hard to know who is best suited to help you. We also need to be aware of unethical and inappropriate forms of assistance. As with our own industry, misinformation is everywhere. The simplest way to be sure you will receive the best standard of care is to look for a therapist who is accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. You can search for an accredited therapist here:


One to one CBT via secure instant message on a computer, tablet or phone.


– Free on the NHS in certain areas


Find Support Near You:

Online Suport 


Access live support via instant message, email and text.



Depression+ Anxiety 

The Big White Wall is an anonymous online support community typically used by those struggling with depression and anxiety, but open to anyone experiencing mental health problems.


Available on the NHS is specific locations via referral.

Private: £25 per month.

Self Help Courses. 



FearFighter is a cognitive behavioural therapy-based online self-help course for treating panic and phobia. It teaches ways to tackle panicky or anxious thoughts and to stop avoiding the things that cause them.


-NHS referral in some areas.

-Private costs of £129 for the “Silver” Version or £229 for “Gold which includes support throughout the course.



Sleepio is a digital programme that helps people overcome sleep problems. It’s based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), and evidence suggests that it can even help people who have long-term sleep problems to sleep better.


-NHS referral in some areas.

-Private: £200 a year.