In today’s episode, Stuart welcomes Emma Storey-Gordon. This is the first episode in a new series we’re going to run occasionally called ‘how I use social media’. First up, we have the amazing ESG. Emma is a personal trainer, online coach, nutritionist and educator. They discuss how she thinks about using social media, being ‘salesy’ on your socials, improving confidence as a creator, coming up with ideas, finding your content niche and more! Timestamps are below.

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Find Out More About ESG:

  • [03.30] – How she thinks about using social media as a fitness professional.
  • [05.05] – Is social media her main form of marketing?
  • [08.15] – Being ‘salesy’ on social media.
  • [11.55] – Why ESG feels too many trainers are doing the same things on social media.
  • [12.30] – Why there’s an opportunity within the world of writing.
  • [17.02] – Her social media content strategy.
  • [18.30] – Why you should repost your content.
  • [19.45] – Storing content ideas.
  • [21.43] – Feeling confident in what you post.
  • [29.25] – Clients don’t need new info, they need reassurance.
  • [30.32] – How she turns her ideas into pieces of content.
  • [31.50] – Is she mindful of how she uses social media for mental health and productivity reasons?
  • [37.05] – Finding what you’re good at on social media.
  • [39.25] – Having other methods to market your business than just social media.
  • [41.45] – Showing skin as a female on social media?
  • [47.25] – How her values and confidence as a coach have changed