In today’s episode, Stuart welcomes Meghan Callaway, @meghancallawayfitness on Instagram. Meghan is a coach who works with clients online and in-person and creates products that include her pullup, pushup and landmine programmes. They discuss how she thinks about using social media, growing your following, creating great content, how she creates her videos, her 3E content formula and much, much more. Timestamps are below.

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  • [02.14] – How long has she been posting on social media professionally?
  • [03.17] – What her social media strategy is?
  • [06.02] – Meghan’s 3E content formula.
  • [08.42] – How she creates and posts her videos to Instagram without using anything outside of the platform.
  • [10.42] – Why she recycles her content.
  • [12.37] – Having folders on her phone for Instagram posts to make reposting simple and time-efficient.
  • [14.07] – The importance of knowing your audience and what content they like.
  • [15.02] – How she’s grown her following to over 60,000 on Instagram.
  • [16.52] – How her business has grown using social media.
  • [18.37] – Her advice to a trainer who hasn’t gained much traction on social media so far.
  • [23.37] – Another reason why it’s well worth reposting your content.
  • [25.57] – How she takes followers from the platform towards her services or buying her products?
  • [29.12] – Her advice for getting business and engagement on social media.
  • [31.22] – Talk in a language your audience can relate to.
  • [32.07] – The importance of the people who already follow you.
  • [33.27] – Does she boost her posts?
  • [37.00] – Her target market or audience.
  • [39.07] – Did she have a niche when starting out posting?
  • [45.12] – What she uses instead of linktree for her Instagram profile?