If you want more clients, you need to build relationships.  

There are few better ways to do that than writing.  

In this week’s episode, Stuart interviews Ann Hanley. Ann is the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Everybody Writes and Content Rules. They talk about how you can become a more natural, engaging writer so your future clients get to know the real you. You’ll learn specific editing techniques which make your life easier and your content more engaging. 




  1. Ann’s first newsletter: 4:18 
  2. What is honest empathy? 9:13  
  3. Should you write the same way you speak? 14:53 
  4. Making every word count: 18:08 
  5. The importance of editing: 21:19 
  6. Why writing is a privilege: 23:55 
  7. Developing your writing voice: 25:06 
  8. Building a relationship with your readers: 31:45 
  9. Should personal trainers start a newsletter? 34:18 
  10. Ann’s advice for her younger: 38:44




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