In this week’s episode, Stuart sits down with Ben Pickard to discuss common challenges fitness businesses face. They explore why an increase in clients may not necessarily improve profitability, the viability of trainers opening their own facilities, and how owners can retain top staff. Ben also delves into the ethics of sales and the importance of financial planning, provides a comprehensive overview of tracking key performance indicators, and shares insights on the shifts in client behaviour following the COVID-19 pandemic. Stay tuned for valuable tips and strategies to help your fitness business thrive in 2023.  



1:08 Why is Ben still in the fitness industry? 

04:16 How can independent gyms keep their best staff?  

08:16 Should trainers open their own facility? 

10:54 Career trajectory for PT’s 

14:01 How have potential clients changed post-COVID?  

16:50 Is profit evil?  

18:42 Ethics of selling: Self-Serving or Client Serving?  

21:31 The Importance of Financial Management  

26:25 Getting started with Systems 

32:04 Getting started with KPI’s 

39:43 What does it mean to have a better business? 





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