The world of biomechanics can be a pretty scary place for a beginner. We have pulled this episode from the archive to help you delve into the fascinating world of biomechanics.  

Stuart talks to Paul Standell about how personal trainers can understand the physics that underlies exercise and how doing so will accelerate their careers and even, get them more clients! 

Discover why specific exercises, such as the dumbbell lateral raise, become more difficult at the top instead of the bottom (Hint: It’s not because your arm got heavier!). Learn how exercise mechanics can be used to tailor sessions to individual clients and the surprising benefits of spending time on a seesaw. 


1:08- Why are personal trainers like advisors?  

4:41- When should personal trainers be more directive?  

6:43- How many choices should personal trainers give their client?  

7:28- Definition of exercise mechanics 

20:12- Why should personal trainers care about exercise mechanics?  

27:30- Can exercise mechanics make a client’s session less fun?  

31:41- How to tailor your use of exercise mechanics to an individual client 

35: 45- How exercise mechanics helps get client buy in 

38:53- Where can personal trainers learn about exercise mechanics?  


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