Are you interested in starting an online group coaching program but don’t know how? Look no further! This archived episode of the LTB podcast features Emma Storey-Gordon. Emma’s last intake of the EC method successfully helped 600+ new clients, so she knows what she is talking about!

Stuart and Emma cover everything you need to know about online coaching such as how to create digital systems, make effective onboarding processes, and how previous members can help new clients. Tune in to learn more! 



1:37- How does Emma manage her time? 

2:45- The Issue with task switching 

6:09- How Emma uses a Virtual Assistant to help with workload 

6:52- What and when should you outsource? 

12:32- What is the EC method? 

13:48- How long does the EC method last?  

16:11- How do people pay for the EC method?  

16:44- Should coaches get a business partner to help run group coaching?  

21:16- How does someone sign up for the EC method?  

25:33- What does the EC welcome email say?  

27:05- What to do if your emails end up in people’s spam 

29:15- How does Emma help people get started with the EC method? 

31:10- What nutrition support does the EC method involve?  

33:09- Is there a minimum number of clients needed for effective group coaching?  

37:09- Is 1-2- or group coaching better for coaches and clients? 

40:52- What marketing does Emma do just before launching a new EC intake?  

46:41- How does Emma use her Instagram for marketing?  

49:00- Why group coaching is a great way to achieve more customer value 


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