In 2023, it seems like everyone is an “online coach”. But just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean you should. That’s why this episode from the vault is getting another airing. 

In this week’s edition, Stuart talks to Dan Smith about all things online coaching. They cover why selling “online coaching” doesn’t work, the importance of designing your program and how to advertise so you never have to “sell” your service again. Expect to learn how to create a rewarding online coaching business, how to deal with the highs and lows of business and what happened to Dan in Ibiza… 

This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to start or grow an online coaching business in 2023.  



1:26 How can coaches regulate their emotions?  

7:00- How to create a better work-life balance. 

8:43- How should coaches discuss their clients’ results?     

12:41- What role do transformation pictures play in selling online coaching?  

17:54- Why coaches should stop selling online coaching and start creating their “method”. 

20:49- How does Dan structure his online method?  

25:47- How to name an online coaching method 

29:50- What else should people know about online coaching?  

30:35- How Dan figured out he was a better coach online.  

32:51- Is coaching online an easy way to earn six figures? 

37:55- How has Dan changed his marketing methods?  

41:27- Dominating your postcode is still important…even online!  


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