PT: “Okay, just before we start, I need to check if you have any medical conditions?” 

Client: “Okay, yes…I’ve got *insert complicated Latin sounding word*”.  

PT: Umm so we might need to check with your GP before we start training.” 
Most personal trainers have been there before, and let’s be honest, its better to be safe than sorry! But do you always need to ask a client’s General Practitioner (GP) Doctor? And even when you do, how do you do it so that the GP actually gets back to you? Here to answer all these questions and more is Dr Katy Fisken. 

Dr Fisken joins Stuart on the podcast to discuss improving communication between personal trainers and GPs. They explore when PTS must check with a clients GP about medical conditions before training, and how to do so. They also touch on Dr Fiskens fascinating personal experience as a GP-turned-PT, the level of exercise and nutrition education in medical schools, and the growing importance of lifestyle medicine. 


01:08 Exercise and Nutrition Education as a GP 

09:45 Challenges of Delivering Lifestyle Medicine 

13:55 When PTs Should Seek GP Clearance 

18:10 How PTs Should Seek GP Clearance 

20:24 Qualifications for PTs Working with Clients with Medical Conditions 

22:41 Establishing Relationships with Local GPs 

25:09 Dr Fisken’s Motivation for Becoming a PT 

26:29 Time Management and Business Growth as a GP and PT 

29:59 How Being a GP Informed Dr Fisken’s PT Practice 

31:29 How Becoming a PT Informed Dr Fiskens GP Practice 

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