Are you struggling to differentiate yourself from other personal trainers on social media? With so many others offering similar services, it can be challenging to stand out and attract potential clients. After all, why would they pick your “121 sessions, personalised plans and monthly reviews” over anyone else’s?!  

But dont worry, weve got you covered.  

In this episode, Stuart is joined by Jonathan Goodman, a renowned business coach with over 15 years of experience in the personal training industry. As the founder of many successful ventures such as the Personal Trainer Development Centre, QuickCoach, Online Trainer Mentorship and author of 11 books, Jonathan shares his expertise on all things business. Expect to learn about the impact of discounts on your business, how to craft a compelling brand message that resonates with your audience, and why getting more followers is probably a waste of time. 



04:44- Post 1: Will discounts ruin your business? 

07:48- The best and worst way to do free PT trials.  

12:03- Post 1: Market what a person will become. 

19:07- What about if you don’t sell client transformations?  

22:17- How to set yourself apart from other businesses.  

28:06- Post 2: Why getting more followers is a waste of time if you want more clients.  

31:18 – Marketing offline in your local community 

42:12 – Human Optimised Coaching Sales for PT’s 

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