Effective communication is vital for personal trainers, so we’ve invited returning guest Cathy MacDonald from The Art of Communication to join Stuart on today’s episode. Together, they explore scenarios PTs encounter in the gym and share tangible actions to make your communication more effective. You’ll discover how to discuss money without feeling awkward, steer people away from dangerous activities without making them defensive, and why you shouldn’t give Stuart an axe.  Tune in to sharpen your communication skills and become a more effective personal trainer. 



01:28 How to communicate with new gym members. 

07:37 The Importance of learning about people 

09:23 Core Emotional Concerns 

13:49 How to communicate with a gym member who is at risk of injury. 

21:06 The value of compliments  

24:46 How to offer your services without being salesy 

31:35 How to talk about your prices  

33:57 How to respond if someone asks for a discount 

38:57 How to communicate a price increase to your clients 

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