The guys from Lift the Bar are back in full force for another Q&A. Join Stuart, Gregg, and Alex for this weeks episode of the LTB podcast as they dive into a variety of topics that will make your life as a personal trainer much easier.  

You can expect to learn whether you need to periodise programmes for the general population, how to determine which experts to trust, and how you can organise your time better. Spoiler Alert: Maybe you need a social media blocker! Also, on this weeks episode, Gregg condemns himself to a life without sleep, Alex considers buying a Nokia 3310 and Stuart learns a new word.   



02:28- Time Management: How to be more efficient and organised. 

06:22- Should everyone “time block”? 

08:40- Problems with Task Switching and social media. 

09:59- Using website blockers to your advantage. 

19:58- How can we know which experts to trust? 

28:11- Can you trust an expert to recommend you another?! 

32:32- Should PT’s periodise programs for the general population? 

36:07- Periodisation for new clients. 

38:35- Should the transitions between training blocks be “harsh” or “smooth”? 

41:10- Should you get feedback from a client before you write their next training block? 

43:01- Does periodisation really boil down to organisation and what if your client wants more variety?  

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