In the last episode of the Lift The Bar podcast, we explored Harriet’s journey as she transitioned careers to become a personal trainer. Today’s episode features a guest at the other end of the spectrum.  

Dean Somerset boasts 20 years of experience as a personal trainer. He is a world-renowned course instructor and speaker. Curious about how he achieved such success? This episode delves into his humble beginnings at a commercial gym, his strategies to build an initial client base, and his insights on making career decisions. We also discuss the ever-present debate: which is more important, lifestyle or money? 


01:26- Imposter Syndrome 

06:34- Why did Dean stay in a commercial gym for so long? 

10:12- How important is it for new trainers to look for the right gym? 

11:52- Did Dean ever consider being an employed trainer? 

14:14- What would Dean change about his early career? 

16:48- How to develop people skills. 

21:42- Dean’s advice for a struggling PT 

24:06- Focusing on lead generation inside vs outside of a gym. 

27:10- What else should trainers do early in their career? 

29:29- Why Dean didn’t open a facility? 

33:47- What is the best piece of advice Dean’s ever been given? 

33:57- What would Dean change about the fitness industry? 

34:42- What would a national campaign for personal training look like? 

35:28 Advice for a PT who has fallen out of love with coaching. 

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