Is it that time of the month? The point where you’re scrambling around for fresh ideas for your small group workouts? The same old goblet squats just aren’t cutting it anymore, and both you and your clients crave something more engaging. 

Well, never fear! You’re not alone! We’ve been in that “staring blankly at Excel” situation ourselves, and we’re here to help! Get ready to revamp your approach to small-group programme design with this week’s LTB podcast.  

We’re diving into the archives to bring you an insightful conversation with Stuart Macdonald, who’s no stranger to the challenges of keeping workouts fresh, engaging, and effective.  

Bid farewell to the mundane and embrace exciting programs your clients will love. Listen in as Stuart shares how he’s revolutionised his training methods by organising client sessions into long-term dynamic blocks, complete with seamless transitions. Plus, discover how our Programme Design Mentorship transformed Stuart’s approach to workout planning, banishing those program design headaches for good. 


1:20- Stuart’s first experiences with programme design 

8:31- What does Stuarts small-group programme look like now: The Importance of Blocks 

11:13- How does Stuart design individual sessions within a block 

14:35- The value of naming weeks and blocks 

17:30- Why semi-private still isnt the norm 

19:15- What does a session involve actually involve: Part 1 

21:10- The value of cluster sets and time blocks 

26:30- Adapting semiprivate for individual clients.  

29:10- How Stuart encourages client to coach either other 

30:48- What does a session involve actually involve: Part 2 

33:01- Finishers and Challenges 

34:16- The difference between Session A, B, C 

35:25- How does a session progress between months? 


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