In the world of fitness, few have delved as deeply into the realms of business, personal growth, and education as our distinguished guest today. We’re excited to welcome back Mark Fisher, the inspirational founder of Mark Fisher Fitness, to the Lift the Bar Podcast as he discusses his new book, The Book of Fitness Business Secrets. Join us and uncover some of the key secrets behind Mark’s success. 

Explore Mark’s essential pillars of marketing and learn how they have contributed to the meteoric rise of Mark Fisher Fitness. Uncover practical tips for managing distractions. Even the ones that come from inside your own head! Mark also shares his invaluable approach for gathering meaningful feedback from clients and even talks about when he chooses to disregard feedback. 

This episode is a treasure trove of valuable insights for personal trainers, gym owners, and fitness enthusiasts looking to up their game in the competitive fitness industry. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to learn from Mark Fisher’s wealth of wisdom and experience as he shares his journey with the Lift The Bar Podcast. So, sit back, listen, and learn – and be sure to have a pen ready for this one! 


2:05- Why publish a book? 

4:14- Can it be easier to publish a book than we think?  

7:02- Marks hardest career moments 

12:50- The pillars of marketing 

17:10- Referral Campaigns. 

22:41- Managing Distractions 

26:33- Maximising continuing professional development.  

31:20- Getting feedback from clients  

35:40- The importance of time away from business.  


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