“Earn seven figures! Pay off your mortgage! Run your business from Dubai and live like royalty. Everyone in my mentorship did it! Who wants in?!” Advice for online coaches often sounds like this, which, to be frank, is pretty damn shady. Thankfully, on this episode of the LTB podcast, we have Dan and Mike from Biceps and Banter to expose the frauds and give us the low down on what PT’s should do if they want to be successful online.  

In this episode, you’ll learn about the following: 

  1. Building effective systems for delivering top-notch coaching 

  1. The critical differences between one-to-one and group coaching in the online space 

  1. Why niching down involves more than just targeting a specific sex or age.  

Tune in and elevate your online coaching game with real-world advice from industry experts, only on the Lift The Bar podcast. 


02:06- Deciding whether being an online PT is right for you 

11:25- What was it like being a PT who started their career online? 

15:30- What are the advantages of being an online PT? 

20:05- Online coaching foundations 

31:20- Creating a niche 

43:42- Should a new online trainer do one to one or group coaching? 

50:11- Shady online PT mentorships  


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