Are you tired of hearing the same old fitness advice like, “Protein is essential for muscle growth,” or “Eat veggies at every meal to shed pounds”? So are we. And more importantly, so is your audience. The fitness landscape has evolved, and it’s crucial to stand out in this content-saturated world. 

In this Lift the Bar Podcast episode, Stuart dives deep with Josh Taylor, a funny, engaging, science-based Online Personal Trainer who creates excellent video content. Don’t just take our word for it – check out Josh’s IG page if you want a chuckle.  

Join us as Josh unveils his step-by-step process for crafting irresistibly entertaining videos that will leave your audience craving more. Learn the art of scripting, recording, and editing content that educates and captivates, eliminating the need to hard-sell your coaching services. Josh also shares his secret for generating compelling topics, the pitfalls of perfectionism, and the age-old question: do gingers really have souls? 

Tune in now and elevate your fitness content game. 


01:47-Has Josh always been comfortable being funny on video?  

05:23-How to create a video “style” 

08:17-Has Josh’s content affected the number of coaching enquiries?  

12:23-Quality vs Quantity of content.  

18:45-Video planning 

24:56-Creating content ideas 

27:11-Writing content scripts 

29:30-Setting up camera shots  

33:02-Video Editing  

34:09-The importance of quality audio 

36:25-Making video thumbnails 

38:10-Writing video captions 


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