Are you a fitness professional eager to share your knowledge, attract new clients, and earn money? It’s time to think about running a seminar! But wait… What if nobody shows up? What if you only end up confusing everyone? And what if you mess up in front of all those potential clients? 

In this episode of the Lift the Bar Podcast, Stuart welcomes back communication coach Jenny Rearick to discuss how you can confidently get started with delivering seminars and presentations in the fitness industry. 

Whether you’ve been hesitant to take the stage, had a less-than-perfect experience in the past, or want to polish your skills, this episode is for you. Jenny shares valuable insights and practical tips for trainers at any stage of their career, helping you expand your reach, build your brand, and make a lasting impact on your audience. 

We explore various topics, including the differences between seminars and presentations, connecting with your audience, and incorporating interactive elements to boost engagement. With Jenny’s expertise and actionable strategies, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a powerful and unforgettable presenter. 

Tune in to this Lift the Bar Podcast episode and discover how to elevate your seminars, captivate your audience, and leave them motivated, educated, and eager for more. 


01:40- Should PT’s run seminars or workshops? 

03:48- What are the advantages to running a seminar or workshop? 

04:37- Differences between seminar and presentations 

07:45- What should PT’s consider before running a seminar? 

11:45- How to design interactive seminar experiences 

15:50- How can PT’s maximise their speaking opportunities 

18:53- Planning your first presentation: Location 

21:52- Planning your first presentation: Topic 

24:03- Planning your first presentation: Cost 

29:36- Planning your first presentation: Attendance 

32:40- Eliminating “filler words” from your presentation 

35:15- Why it is important to limit your presentation content.  

36:08- Should you use slides? 

38:17- How to make attendees feel welcome 

39:49- Overcoming presentation nerves 

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