Are you a personal trainer not focused on the latest fitness trends or helping clients achieve athletic milestones like running faster, jumping higher, or hitting a double bodyweight back squat? Perhaps you’re more passionate about enhancing someone’s daily life by enabling them to move easily, confidently climb stairs, or walk unaided. 

If that resonates with you, you’re not alone! Today’s Lift The Bar Podcast guest is Helen Rothwell, a personal trainer specialising in programs tailored for older adults. Join Stuart as he and Helen discuss fall prevention, optimal session durations, and whether heavy lifting suits older clients. Learn about the most appropriate qualifications for working with this demographic, innovative marketing strategies for reaching a generation that may not be active on social media, and what happens when a 90-year-old requests FaceTime coaching. 

This episode offers a refreshing perspective on how to break free from conventional fitness norms. If you’re ready to move beyond pre-workout supplements, back squats, and Tupperware, older adults need your expertise. After listening, don’t forget to check out Episode 370, featuring Dr. Janet Withall, for an in-depth exploration of the research behind training older populations! 


1:50- What does Helen currently do?  

3:03- Why did Helen focus on coaching older adults and falls prevention? 

6:45- Are older adults underserved by the fitness industry?  

8:30- Personal Trainer CPD for training older adults 

10:30- How to grow an older adult client base. 

16:40- Appropriate session length for older adults  

19:00- Session pricing for older adults.  

22:39- Managing missed sessions and holidays. 

24:31- Communicating the price. 

26:02- Coaching older adults via FaceTime. 

27:34- Myths and misconceptions about training older adults: Should they lift heavy? 

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