You can read countless articles about semi-private personal training, but nothing compares to insights from someone who’s been through it all. 

Our guest of the day, Katie Hughes, has successfully created a bustling semi-private personal training business right from her back garden. Join Stuart as he delves into Katie’s journey, uncovering why she chose semi-private training, how she transformed her garage, and what she charges.  

Tune in to discover how to transition from one-on-one personal training to a semi-private setup, the tactics to secure more leisure time, and why networking with your parents’ friends could be the unsuspected key to business expansion. 



01:37-Katie’s Typical Week 

02:07-Introduction to Katie’s studio 

03:19-How did Katie start as a PT? 

04:22-Katie’s Inspiration for her studio 

04:54-Creating the studio 

05:42-How Katie got her first clients 

06:48-When did Katie decide to do semi-private? 

12:45-Introducing semi-private to current clients 

14:55-Booking approaches for semi-private 

18:45-Costs of one to one vs semi-private 

20:30-Taking time off 

24:39-Programming semi-private 

32:12-Advice for trainers considering moving to semi-private 

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