Navigating lead generation in the fitness industry has become increasingly complex. The days of launching a Facebook ad and watching a flood of new leads come in are long past.


In this episode, Stuart brings Mark Council back to the Lift the Bar podcast. They delve into how Mark has started created links with other local businesses to make his lead generation more diverse and consistent.

Expect to learn about how to effectively assess the costs tied to offline marketing, how to design mutually beneficial marketing with local businesses and why standing in Morrisons might help you get your next client.


Whether you’re a gym owner or a personal one-on-one trainer, this episode underscores the timeless value of building reciprocal relationships amidst the ever-evolving landscape of digital platforms. It serves as an excellent reminder that, while digital trends may fluctuate, the power of personal relationships remains unchanged.




1:50- How did Mark start developing relationships with local businesses?

7:13- The value of exposure.

11:30- Strategies for finding and contacting local businesses.

22:20- Using client’s interests to find suitable businesses.

24:01- The value of giving free memberships to local businesses.


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