We’re hitting rewind and revisiting a pivotal episode from 2020, honing in on a fundamental element of personal training – facilitating client muscle growth.  


Join Stuart and Gregg as they dissect the blend of science and art that underpins effective muscle development. 


Expect to learn about how to the apply the principles of hypertrophy to create client programs which stimulate muscle growth effectively for the general population. Beyond the programs, this episode also emphasizes how important it is to maintain a client’s interest while achieving muscle growth. 


While fitness trends will continue to evolve, mastering muscle growth and the strategies to promote it effectively remain integral to personal training. So, tune in, expand your knowledge, and get ready to see your clients’ results and enjoyment reach new heights. 



1:40- What would Gregg do if he was just qualifying in 2020?  

4:00- Online vs In person for new PT’s 

7:39- The power of reistance training for health  

12:30- The clarity of resistance training research 

14:45- Personalising resistance training 

21:40- Where is the hypertrophy research going? 

24:33- Does programming need to be complicated? 

29:34- How to map out training blocks 

36:56- Telling clients about our programming.

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