Navigating client discomfort is a common challenge in the life of a personal trainer. Whether the pain emerges at the start of a session, during an exercise, or the next day, it can often lead to a cloud of uncertainty. Trainers may question whether the exercises they’ve prescribed are the root cause of the issue and how best to alleviate it. 

“Could the deadlifts from yesterday’s session be to blame? Was their form too flexed? Perhaps more foam rolling might help?” 

In this episode, Stuart engages Dr Michael Mash in a conversation centred around movement and pain. They explore Dr Mash’s strategy for facilitating movement free from the dread of injury, delve into the debate over the need for precise form, and question the reality of muscle knots. 

Throughout the discussion, you’ll gain insights on how to conduct empowering movement assessments, strategies for discussing posture with clients, and a better understanding of whether your client truly has a movement dysfunction. This episode promises to equip personal trainers with invaluable knowledge to better navigate client discomfort and bolster their confidence. So that they can help more people move without fear.  


1:40- How can deadlifts change lives? 

4:20- Using language to empower clients 

7:00 Muscle Knots & Chronic Pain 

15:56- Biopsychosocial Model of Pain & Movement Variety 

23:00- Shoulder Abduction in Press Up’s  

25:50- When should trainers allow clients to ‘lift ugly’? 

31:15- Movement Assessments 

35:52- Postural Assessments  

38:38- Posture and Pain 

42:58- Helping people who are fearful of movement.  

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