Looking for a new protein shake…how about one made of fish?! 

Welcome to an intriguing journey through the annals of the fitness industry. 

We delve into the genesis of progressive weight training, examine how popular exercises have transformed over the last century, and explore why understanding the past 100 years could be key to flourishing in the next five. 

This conversation was truly eye-opening. It’s all too easy to be swept up by the “Next big thing” without recognising that, in fact, a variant of it has probably already come and gone several times over. It serves as a good reminder that by studying the past, we can not only understand the present but also predict… and prepare for the future trends of the fitness industry. 


2:37- Fake Statues and Fitness Lawsuits 

5:06- Fish Protein Shakes 

6:50- Shady Supplements: Flushing Niacin  

7:30- Exercise which have fallen out of fashion 

9:50- History of the Treadmill 

12:52- Should PT’s care about the history of the fitness industry? 

19:14- The origin of resistance training 

22:35- Why did resistance training boom after World War 1? 

29:23- Did people think resistance training was good for health?  

36:20- What can we learn from history to increase fitness participation?  

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