We often equate “learning” with our school days. It basically just involved being able to memory a lot of facts. But what if your capacity to learn extends far beyond that, influencing everything from your clients’ results to your business’s success? And…what if you could…learn to…learn more effectively? 


In this episode, Stuart is joined by an expert in this very field. Dr. Barbara Oakley is a distinguished educator, author, and engineering professor. Her work spans a multitude of disciplines, but she is particularly recognised for her research in learning practices. 


In this episode, they delve into the heart of effective learning strategies. They discuss the crucial role of ‘chunking’ information, finding the right balance between focused and diffuse modes of thinking, tackling procrastination head-on, and why experiencing imposter syndrome might not be as negative as it seems… 


So, whether you’re striving to remember the content of the courses you watch, the books you read, or simply to recall the distal insertion of Semimembranosus (it’s the horizontal groove on the posteromedial surface of the medial tibial condyle, if you were wondering), then this episode is a must-listen! 


Don’t miss this opportunity to learn…about learning… from one of the leading experts in the field. 




1:50- Career Advice: Why imposter syndrome might be helpful.

8:17- What is learning?  

12:53- Why is learning important? 

14:45- Is it good for people to learn? 

18:05- Is learning practical information better for people’s mood? 

19:36- Learning and problem solving. 

24:11- Diffuse and focused mode. 

27:02- How long should learning blocks be? 

30:35- Reviewing Notes 

32:30- What is a chunk? 

35:10- What is retrieval practice? 

36:53- Why does procrastination occur? 

39:36- The Importance of getting started.


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