Most personal trainers want to have a steady income. They also want to make a meaningful impact on their client’s lives. Focusing on one specific population of potential clients might help you do both.  Can you guess who it is?

It’s our mums and dads. Our grandparents and maybe even our great-grandparents!

The elderly are hugely underserved by the fitness industry. So, you’re not going to have much competition. More importantly, it’s incredibly rewarding to spend your time helping people maintain their ability to walk, see their friends and, ultimately, their independence.  

Today Stuart welcomes Dr Janet Withall from the University of Birmingham. Dr Withall is an expert in healthy ageing. She focuses on helping elderly people maintain their activity levels and strength. In this episode, expect to learn how to attract elderly clients to exercise services, how those services should be designed to maximise results, and how physical activity can affect people’s disease risk.   



2:00- Why focus on older adults?

3:08- Exercise participation rates

7:20- Can PT help the older population to exercise?

9:55- Changes to governament guidelines

10:47- Marketing exercise for older populations

15:05- The importance of community for older population

17:30- The ReACT study: Introduction

21:57- Building a client base of older clients

24:08- The effects of aging and how exercise helps.

30:52- The ReACT study: Results


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