7 Podcasts for Personal Trainers

During the time I hit my peak hours as a personal trainer, the majority of my professional development was done through podcasts. There are shows covering every kind of subject you can think of, and they can be a great way to get some learning or entertainment in while you’re doing something else (does anyone else now enjoy doing the dishes/ house cleaning as you can throw on a podcast while doing it? Just me…)

Most of my early fitness and nutrition knowledge was gained by listening to the FitCast with Kevin Larrabee, Leigh Peele and Jonathan Fass. That podcast was one of the first ways I realised I needed more knowledge about what being a trainer entailed, and I credit it with being one of the main influences behind me starting the LTB podcast.

podcasts for personal trainers

Now that we’ve got that short plug for our own out the way let’s get into seven other fantastic podcasts that personal trainers can learn from.

Side note: there are quite literally 100s of podcasts I could have added into this article. Because there are so many, I’ve had to cut back the list to what I feel are the ones I’ve taken from the most from as a PT. If you’re a podcast host or a lover of another podcast, please don’t be offended that yours isn’t on this. I’d love to check it out so email me at stuart@liftthebar.com, and I promise to get back to you!

7 Podcasts for Personal Trainers

The Fitcast with Kevin Larrabee

Although The Fitcast is no longer released as often as it once was, it’s still well worth listening in to any episode Kevin releases. I always find myself going back to old episodes with the likes of John Berardi and Alwyn Cosgrove to hear them discuss things specific to the fitness industry.

Episodes I’ve enjoyed: Way too many to mention but anything with Alwyn Cosgrove, John Berardi, Dan John or Leigh Peele is worth investing your time into.

Sigma Nutrition Radio with Danny Lennon

If you’re at all interested in nutrition, then Danny’s show is one you should be listening to. With over 300 episodes on everything you can think of regarding nutrition, as well as lots on general health, Sigma is a podcast that consistently delivers high-quality, evidence-based information from its guests.

Danny is an excellent interviewer and it’s been fantastic to see his notoriety and authority within the nutrition world rise with his podcast. His podcast is a tremendous example of one that has stood the test of time and has given him a reputation that now allows him to speak all over the world.

Episodes I’ve enjoyed: Gregg Slater on Nutritional Periodization, What is Health

Iron Culture

One of the newer podcasts on our list but no less deserving because of that. It’s hosts, Eric Helms and Omar Isuf, are two names you likely know a good deal about already. Their quality of work has only increased in starting a podcast. It’s long-form with episodes typically going over 60-90 minutes, and it covers everything related to the world of physical culture.

Episodes I’ve enjoyed: Mike Israetel – How to Coach Yourself, Why Lifters Lose Motivation

Revolutionary U with Jason Leenaarts

Jason is legitimately one of the most helpful and genuine people in the fitness industry.

He networks better than anyone I know, and I have no idea how he produces a weekly podcast alongside 40+ hours of in-person personal training. The fact that he’s still so in the trenches with his personal training business comes through in volumes during each of his interviews. Although they are mostly directed towards the general population, there is still a heck of a lot trainers can gain from listening to Jason’s podcast.

Episodes I’ve enjoyed: Yoni Freedhoff – How do we Feed Our Kids?, Cathy MacDonald – Tough Conversations

Stronger By Science

Stronger by Science is hosted by Greg Nuckols and Eric Trexler, two incredibly knowledgeable people on all things training and nutrition. I haven’t listened to an episode and not learnt something. Plenty of good quality sarcasm and humour is also thrown in making it in an informative and entertaining listen.

Episodes I’ve enjoyed: Coaching Cues, Fat-Free Mass and Non-Responders with Dr Brad Dieter, Changing Your Mind, Internet Arguments and Metabolic Adaptation with Leigh Peele

The Fitness Devil You Know

I’ve attempted to interview with a co-host a couple of times before and always found it way too hard. This is where The Fitness Devil You Knows hosts, Andrew Coates and Dean Guedo do such a good job. They bounce off of each other and the guest in what feels like perfect harmony at times.

If you’re a personal trainer, their topics and guests are going to be perfect for you. Look out for Andrew’s interview on the LTB Podcast coming out in the next two weeks too!

(they also deserves serious plaudits for their artwork and episode titles)

Episodes I’ve enjoyed: Sohee Lee on Attention and Respect, Lee Boyce on Breaking Bad Clients, John Romaniello on Mental Health

The Tim Ferriss Show

Some people might baulk at this one, but I’ve learnt a lot from Tim’s guests and interview style. It’s nearly always long-form interviews that are with some of the most successful people on the planet. Guests include famous writers, fitness industry legends and business experts.

It isn’t one I subscribe to, but I always have a look who his weekly guest is and decide based on that and the topic. Some of his views on nutrition and training are, shall way say, off, so be careful what you take from those episodes, but a lot of the others are great.

Episodes I’ve enjoyed: Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Allen


Here is a big list of others that I either I listen to occasionally or are non-fitness/ nutrition (thanks to the LTB community for contributing to this. I couldn’t listen to all of your recommendations as we had over 40, but I’ve listed the ones I did get around to checking out):

Fitness/ Nutrition/ Business Related

  • Revive Stronger by Steve Hall – Steve has been doing this for years and his episodes, a mix of interview and Q&A are always high quality. Suited towards the physique athlete/ bodybuilder.
  • Cut The Shit Get Fit by Raf Matuszewski – Similar guests to the LTB Podcast. Raf also includes short episodes on specific topics that are mostly for the general population.
  • The PTDC Podcast: Conversations with Successful Online Trainers – Jon Goodman’s company, the PTDC are a fantastic resource for personal trainers. I’ve listened to one episode of this podcast which is all about becoming a successful online trainer. Trustworthy resource if you’re thinking of getting into online training.
  • Mastery Podcast by Mark Coles – shorter episodes that focus on business, marketing, selling and mindset. Rooted in Mark’s experience in the fitness industry (15+ years, so he knows his stuff).
  • The Hy3rid Podcast – Run by the three lads who run a company LTB knows well called Hy3rid. It’s conversational, informative and an easy listen.
  • 3DMJ Podcast – Always has at least 3 of the 3D Muscle Journey staff members on an episode. Discussions are bodybuilding based, but they also discuss things like coaching lessons and athlete psychology.
  • Mike Robertson’s Physical Preparation – Mike’s another veteran who does a great job with this interview-based podcast.
  • Fitness Entrepreneur Podcast by Phil Graham – Similar to Mark Coles Mastery podcast. Phil’s podcasts are typically short and snappy pointers on making more money, running your business more effectively or becoming successful.
  • Scott Baptie’s Food For Fitness – Scott’s podcast has been going for aaaages, and for a good reason. He does a great job interviewing guests on topics that are health and fitness related.
  • The Strength Coach Podcast – One of the longest-running fitness podcasts. Its audience is strength coaches, but if you pick the correct guest, it can be easily applied to personal training. Interesting format too!

Non Fitness/ Nutrition

  • Making Sense with Sam Harris – Deep, long-form content covering a wide range of philosophical topics.
  • The Football Ramble – Four guys discussing what’s happened in the English Premier League over the past week (check out the Guardian’s Football Weekly for something similar but more on the formal side)
  • The Knowledge Project – Topics range from how to have a successful marriage to leadership to investing to communication to parenting. Typically 75 minute + episodes that are always educational.
  • Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller – From the author of one of my favourite business books – Building a StoryBrand. This podcast is all about business, decision making, leadership and marketing.
  • Open Goal – On the off chance you’re Scottish and a big fan of football, this one is well worth a listen.
  • Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman – If you’ve ever wondered how brands like Uber, Shake Shack or Bumble have grown as quickly as they have, you’ll enjoy this podcast.

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