In today’s episode, Stuart welcomes Adam Boyd-Brown. They discuss a range of subjects including some of the big differences between online and in-person coaching, how Adam builds rapport with new clients, changing beliefs in clients and lessons learned in programme design throughout his career.

Adam’s qualified as a PT in 2008. He then explored multiple different avenues before finally pursuing his passion for coaching in 2016. He began as a self-employed PT working out of a small members gym in Chichester. Since then he’s worked with many individuals both face to face and online through multiple channels (1-2-1 Face to Face and Online and Group Face to Face and Online) and has a business that runs a 50:50 split of in-person and online.

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  • [01.40] – How Adam got started in the fitness industry.
  • [05.58] – Adam tells us about his feelings of anxiety about getting into the industry.
  • [13.10] – How his business runs at the moment/ what a normal week looks like.
  • [18.05] – Does he think it’s necessary to go through the split shift structure most personal trainers go through with in-person?
  • [21.00] – Coaching in person before going online?
  • [23.07] – Differences between his online and in-person clientele?
  • [26.20] – His online coaching consultation structure.
  • [29.14] – Chipping away at new clients beliefs that are wrong.
  • [33.40] – What he does to build buy-in early on with new online clients?
  • [37.35] – How he has improved his programme design since he started in the industry?
  • [42.10] – Autoregulation and how he uses it.
  • [46.30] – Splitting up single-leg training with another exercise for hypertrophy clients.