Adam Feit is Precision Nutrition’s head strength and sport psychology coach. He’s been an S&C coach at every level you can think of and currently, he’s a PhD Candidate in Sport and Exercise Psychology at Springfield College studying the use of mental skills among S&C coaches.

In today’s episode with Adam we talk about time management tips, managing overwhelm, helping clients use their skills in other life areas to manage exercise and nutrition challenges, motivation science and much more.

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Find Out More About Adam:

  • [03.14] – How Covid has affected Adam’s day-to-day
  • [07.22] – Whether he’s structured all the time or allows some unstructured time
  • [10.50] – Time management tips
  • [15.07] – Managing overwhelm
  • [18.39] – Looking for what PN call ‘bright spots’ when coaching clients
  • [20.37] – What kind of coach was he prior to starting with PN
  • [31.52] – The importance of having someone to check your blindspots
  • [34.07] – How he’s got better at receiving feedback
  • [36.52] – Roses, thorns and buds daily reflection exercise
  • [38.37] – What his PhD is and what it’s teaching him
  • [47.57] – How he used to think about motivation compared to how he thinks about it now