In today’s episode, Stuart welcomes back Adam Meakins. Adam, @adammeakins on Instagram, was on 6 episodes ago on the 5th of April. In that one, they mainly discussed the problems associated with some of the most popular physiotherapy treatments like massage, K-tape and other manual therapies. In this one, they spend most of it discussing what we know about the association between technique and injury. Should you focus on making your clients form perfect, or should we just let people exercise as they please? They also get into the relationship between core strength and back pain, using medical imaging like MRI’s and spinal flexion during deadlifts. Timestamps are below.

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  • [01.50] – What the most interesting recent thing he’s learnt has been.
  • [02.50] – What hormesis is.
  • [04.20] – Adam’s analogy of why exercise is like a river.
  • [07.20] – What we know about technique and injury?
  • [17.20] – How important is the language trainers use to describe the way people do an exercise/ technique?
  • [19.25] – Taking an exercise out of a clients programme if you don’t see what you deem as ‘good technique’?
  • [23.00] – Movement variability.
  • [23.45] – When is technique important?
  • [28.55] – Helping a client who is afraid of bending over due to something like a herniated disk?
  • [33.00] – Using a dynamometer to show clients how strong they are.
  • [36.20] – Doing a lot of an exercise to fix pain or injury? (core work for back pain as an example)
  • [42.20] – Medical imaging and how to think about the degeneration of the body.
  • [45.30] – Spinal flexion and how to think about it during an exercise like a deadlift.
  • [51.30] – What positions that he disagrees with are the ones that have the most value?
  • [53.50] – How he has changed the way he debates people online.