In today’s episode, Stuart welcomes Alex Chapman.

Alex supports people and teams to achieve their personal and collective aspirations across a multitude of settings [including Professional, Olympic & Paralympic sports, education, and business settings] for nearly two decades. Currently a performance lifestyle advisor with the English Institute of Sport and doing some private stuff as an executive/performance coach.

In this episode, they discuss some considerations around professional development, a bunch of things around feedback – how to seek it out from your clients and how to best receive it even if it cuts deep. They finish talking about his coaching philosophy.

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  • [02.03] – What it was like working for Portsmouth F.C. while they were in the Premier League.
  • [04.02] – What he would tell himself if he could go back to the start of his career?
  • [08.56] – Does he enjoy getting better?
  • {18.15] – A discussion around feedback.
  • [22.20] – Why you should consider introducing a review session into your 1-1 PT client set up.
  • [27.05] – Gaining feedback on your blindspots and creating actions off the back of useful feedback.
  • [30.00] – A process for gaining feedback openly from new clients.
  • [33.35] – Why feedback can be harder to take when it hits your identity.
  • [38.15] – His coaching philosophy.