Alex Pearson runs Alex Pearson Health Coaching where he specialises in helping people with obesity undertake significant weight loss journeys. We discuss the UK’s tackling obesity strategy, the link between COVID and obesity, what he would do if he was in charge of public health, the effectiveness of the sugar tax, how important education is in treating obesity and much more.

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  • [02.53] – Alex’s thoughts on the UK Governments proposed tackling obesity strategy?
  • [06.03] – How important and useful is education in treating obesity?
  • [08.08] – The ‘5 fruit and veg a day’ campaign.
  • [09.48] – How important is exercise in treating obesity?
  • [16.54] – Personal responsibility and blame used to combat obesity?
  • [20.26] – What about motivation and education?
  • [22.31] – The link between trauma and obesity?
  • [24.26] – The link between COVID and obesity?
  • [30.06] -The link between catching the virus and obesity?
  • [33.26] – If he was in charge of public health, what would he propose to combat obesity?
  • [35.41] – The sugar tax.
  • [37.41] – Making healthy food cheaper?
  • [39.26] – Having times where companies can and cannot advertise on TV/ the internet?
  • [40.56] – Pictures on boxes showing the negative consequences of eating particular types of food? (like cigarettes in the UK)
  • [45.56] – Targetting supermarkets and reducing quantity and variety of calorie-dense foods


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