In this episode, I talk to Alex Pearson about meditation. I’ve wanted to talk about meditation for a full episode for a while now as it’s a topic that many guests have mentioned and it’s very much something that most people are aware of nowadays. But is it as useful as you’ll read online? We discuss it’s origins, what the literature says about using it for depression, anxiety and weight loss, whether or not PTs should encourage their clients to meditate and some of our own experiences with it.

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  • [04.40] – Some of the different styles of meditation
  • [05.50] – Where it dates back to?
  • [06.45] – Why it’s gained popularity?
  • [10.55] – What the literature says about mindfulness and anxiety?
  • [11.46] – What the says about mindfulness and weight loss or emotional eating?
  • [16.20] – Should personal trainers encourage their clients to meditate?
  • [28.10] – Does mindfulness help with decision making?
  • [29.10] – Why lots of people try meditation and don’t stick with?
  • [36.25] – Alex shares some of his meditation experiences
  • [39.32] – Can you get a similar effect from doing something like yoga, running or a different activity?
  • [42.53] – Where you can start a meditation habit.