Andrew Coates is an Edmonton, Canada based personal trainer who has been training clients for 9 years. He is a fitness writer and contributor to T-Nation and the writer and co-host of The Fitness Devil Podcast. He is also the co-founder/organizer of The Evolve Canadian Strength Symposium. In this episode, we discuss why you should attend in-person fitness events, why one client can easily turn into ten and using social media to gain business.

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  • [04.36] – Why has he put so much time into attending different fitness seminars and conferences?
  • [14.33] – Does he think you can attend too many events?
  • [16.58] – Does he do anything post-event to ensure he’s applying what he’s learning?
  • [20.46] – How Andrew’s career as a PT started?
  • [27.13] – How his first client set off a chain of referrals
  • [30.13] – Has he found that you get less “energy vampire” type clients as the years go on?
  • [40.35] – Why it’s useful to question your own bullshit
  • [42.56] – How many personal training sessions he tends to do per month
  • [46.23] – What he’s done to generate business
  • [49.33] – Closing messages.