In today’s episode, Stuart welcomes Andy Morgan. Andy is an online coach and author who lives in Japan and runs and He’s been an online coach for over 9 years. Stuart and Andy discuss how he got his first few clients and how he gets them today, why it’s worth creating blogs and how to create your first one and imposter syndrome.

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andy morgan podcast interview

  • [02.34] – How Andy found starting as an online coach without doing any in-person coaching beforehand?
  • [07.01] – Did he have any mentors or coaches who helped him when he first started?
  • [10.52] – How he handles imposter syndrome?
  • [15.36] – How he got his first online coaching clients?
  • [22.42] – How he gets clients now?
  • [27.55] – Is a blog a worthwhile thing to do?
  • [33.16] – What should you write about if you start a blog?
  • [37.22] – Has he always liked writing?