In today’s episode, Stuart welcomes Andy Morgan. Andy is an online coach and author who lives in Japan and runs Ripped and He’s been an online coach for over 9 years. If you’d like to learn more about Andy head here.

Stuart and Andy discuss how Andy’s online coaching business runs. Specifically, they get into how he manages his client check-ins and how he sets expectations in place, as well as some book recommendations, why he prioritises time for content creation and much more.

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  • [01.35] – Why he takes Friday’s away from email to spend the day reading.
  • [07.50] – Why he feels his ego has gotten in the way of effective content creation in the past.
  • [10.30] – Why he changed from answering his emails as quick as possible to slowing down and giving more detailed responses.
  • [14.00] – If he feels giving clients rules around communication helps them take more responsibility for their results?
  • [21.15] – How he would recommend improving your communication process with your online coaching clients?
  • [27.00] – A script for changing your communication process.
  • [28.55] – Why he does bi-weekly check-ins.
  • [32.45] – Why he asks clients not to respond to emails on their phones.
  • [45.40] – Book recommendations.