In today’s episode, Stuart welcomes Nik Handley and Anthony Park from PT Mentor Academy. Together they’ve got nearly 40 years of experience in personal training in a variety of roles and lots to teach. They discuss a range of topics from the world of personal training including what you should be focussing on right now, what they were they both like as new trainers and what it’s like looking back, what their message would be to a struggling trainer, turning knowledge into action and a bunch of other lessons.

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  • [03.26] – Ant’s experience as a new personal trainer.
  • [05.54] – Nik’s experience as a new personal trainer.
  • [10.21] – When Nik found his place in the industry.
  • [12.51] – When Ant found his place in the industry.
  • [17.21] – What their advice would be a trainer who is struggling just now.
  • [22.41] – Bridging the gap between getting knowledge and information and turning it into action.
  • [32.41] – Does personal training have an apprenticeship phase?
  • [45.34] – How they would start in the industry if they were starting tomorrow but had all of their knowledge and experience?

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