In today’s episode, Stuart welcomes Ben Davis. Ben started as a personal trainer who gradually built up his business to the point where he had other coaches working for him. He then transitioned into working in the fitness marketing space where he now runs a company called Fitness Marketing Agency (FMA). In this episode, they discuss sales, marketing and advertising. They talk through how to improve your sales process, what marketing methods you should focus on and how to improve your social media ads. Timestamps are below!

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  • [01.45] – How he moved into the marketing space by reaching out to companies he thought could be doing a better job?
  • [04.23] – Is advertising on social media effective?
  • [05.40] – Secret shopping gyms and personal trainers to learn about their sales processes.
  • [09.18] – Simple sales tips.
  • [18.33] – Sales call tips.
  • [24.30] – The importance of proof of concept.
  • [28.30] – Trying to become famous on social media rather than using it as a marketing tool.
  • [39.45] – Tips for bringing in more clients through your marketing.
  • [39.03] – Facebook ads advice.
  • [42.00] – What his company, Fitness Marketing Agency, are currently seeing working in advertising?