Is Education Always The Answer?

Is Education Always The Answer? By Claire Winter Personal trainers often note, with an element of condescension or exasperation, that people are looking for a magic pill when it comes to weight loss. However, there is a benefit to this approach as it brings with it hope and belief, which translates into motivation, compliance and […]

Gym Profile Boards

The gym profile board can provide a place people can start to get to know a bit about you and gain details to be able to contact you, without the scariness of approaching you in person.  How it is written will start to influence the people who read it before you even know they exist. It can […]

Training Clients With Fibromyalgia

Training Clients with Fibromyalgia by Louise Worboys Fibromyalgia means that clients have non-specific pain in many areas of their body. This pain is muscular as opposed to skeletal, and there is no clinical way to diagnose it. Most commonly it is diagnosed by ‘tender spots’; reporting pain in eleven out of eighteen spots. The condition itself is associated with other […]

Pelvic Floor Through The Ages

The muscles you’re missing in programming for female clients by Lisa Gimenez-Codd You plan movements to progress your clients’ strength, mobility and movement, working out how to hit specific muscles.  Every move you plan will work a group of muscles that probably aren’t even on your radar….  The pelvic floor.  “but that’s just for pregnant ladies and when […]