In today’s episode, Bret Contreras “The Glute Guy” joins us. Bret is the inventor of the hip thrust and many other great ways to train the glutes you’ve no doubt used in your programming. He’s a researcher, S&C coach and someone who spends just as much in the trenches experimenting as anyone else in the fitness industry. We discuss programming, glute training, tips for personal trainers and much more.

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  • 5.50 – How he has approached personal growth as a fitness professional
  • 18.30 – Why and how he has changed his approach to using social media
  • 22.05 – How he goes about designing gen pop training programmes
  • 25.20 – Why most people don’t have problems with glute activation
  • 27.50 – Why telling clients they have a weak core is a dangerous thing to say
  • 33.20 – Why your words and demeanour matter as a personal trainer
  • 37.25 – Why you should educate your clients when they are training with you
  • 39.35 – How to get more word of mouth referrals
  • 42.50 – Where he starts when a new client wants to grow their glutes. Volume, frequency etc
  • 46.50 – His advice to personal trainers for making more money
  • 50.35 – What’s exciting him in his trials in the glute lab currently

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