Brian St. Pierre is the director of nutrition at Precision Nutrition. He’s coached Olympic champions, NFL and NBA teams on nutrition and written some of my favourite and most shared articles on the PN site. We discuss COVID-19 and how he’s thinking about its effects on how to coach clients just now, what his coaching evolution has looked like, why some emotional eating is perfectly ok, the PN process for creating blogs and why he used to remove potatoes from his now wife’s Irish stew.

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  • [02.36] – Considering COVID-19, is now the time for fat loss?
  • [04.45] – If he remembers trying to place his goals onto a client?
  • [13.02] – The evolution of the coach
  • [14.52] – Other things to consider when coaching clients during COVID
  • [17.48] – Helping clients manage being at home and around food all the time just now
  • [20.55] – Why it’s important to normalise emotional eating
  • [26.15] – What role do trainers and coaches have with clients and their nutrition
  • [29.35] – Getting clients more in touch with their internal cues?
  • [31.32] – Helping clients who feel eating slowly etc is too small a habit to help them move them forward?
  • [34.45] – Why it’s ok for clients goals to change throughout the coaching process
  • [38.05] – His article “the cost of getting lean” and how it uses it when coaching clients
  • [41.06] – The PN process for creating blog posts
  • [45.20] – What he wishes he could tell himself about what he’s learnt about writing in the last 10 years
  • [46.37] – Why he isn’t big on social media