In this episode, we welcome on Cameron Cummings. Cameron has built up a fantastic business inside of a commercial gym in Edinburgh and is the man who is running our commercial gym trainer group at LTB, and filling it weekly with ideas and insights on becoming a successful commercial gym PT. In this episode, we dive straight into how he built up his business and started getting clients, what’s worked and what hasn’t for lead generation and where he feels commercial gym trainers go wrong

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0.50 – How he got busy in his first commercial gym using a “seeing what sticks” strategy
6.50 – How his second time in a commercial gym differed to his first
8.50 – How his time management played a big role in getting more clients
15.50 – Why you need to double down on the strategies that work for lead generation
17.20 – Why free sessions do work
17.55 – How to go from conversation to paid client
23.50 – Where do commercial gym PTs go wrong?
31.20 – What has he done when he’s in phases of not knowing what to do?
33.30 – Why not having to worry about paying his bills has helped his enjoyment of being a personal trainer
36.10 – What Cameron‘s message to a struggling PT would be


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