Cath Baxter is a professional voice and impact coach. We cover why your voice is such an important aspect of communication, common areas for improvement when speaking, the power of the pause, enthusiasm and whether we should try to eliminate the ‘umms’, ’emms’ and ‘likes’ from our speech.

Cath is one of the UK’s leading voice coaches and a Public Speaking expert. For 14 years she was Head of Voice at Mountview, one of the top 5 drama schools in the UK, where she trained some of the UK’s best actors and musical theatre performers. Her time is now spent working with a wide range of business clients and companies, helping them to add greater impact to their communications. She has most recently been working with the following Organisations: IFBA, RBS, Cancer Research, NHS England, NHS Improvement, Office of Rail and Road, DVLA, Independent Office for Police Conduct, Scottish Government, Crown Commercial Service, Companies House, MOD (Guards Service), UK Government Investments and the Northern Ireland Civil Service.

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  • [01.40] – Cath explains what it is she does.
  • [05.30] – How Cath’s work applies to the work that personal trainers do.
  • [13.48] – Where to begin if you’d like to start working on how you use your voice as a personal trainer.
  • [17.20] – How to correct speaking too quickly.
  • [19.55] – Improving eloquence.
  • [21.40] – Becoming less self-conscious and more confident when speaking.
  • [33.00] – How important is enthusiasm when speaking?
  • [36.50] – Tips to gather attention when talking online to clients or on a video that you’re sharing on social media.
  • [43.30] – Umms, emms, likes and other hesitation sounds/ filler sounds.