In today’s episode, Stuart welcomes Catherine Reohorn, a personal trainer turned copywriter. Cath specialises in writing content and copy for fitness professionals and helping them to find their voices. You can follow her @kindcopyuk. They get into her background, how her weight loss & fitness journey shaped the trainer she’s become before getting into copywriting – how to write better social media posts, sales writing tips, talking about pain points in a respectful way, creating entertaining education posts and much more. Timestamps are below.

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  • [01.37] – How she found the transition from her previous career of academic psychology into personal training?
  • [04.15] – How much of her journey shaped the trainer she has become?
  • [10.55] – Why showing people around the gym and making them feel like they belong was a huge part of her onboarding process?
  • [14.00] – What Cath got out of her fitness journey, and how that shaped how she worked with her clients.
  • [15.55] – How she found starting as an older personal trainer?
  • [19.03] – How she got into copywriting.
  • [20.45] – What she’s learnt about selling personal training using writing?
  • [22.21] – An example of copy that is too pain focussed and can come across as cruel?
  • [24.30] – How to stay respectful and kind with your copy while also encouraging people to buy what you sell?
  • [25.45] – Talking about a scar rather than a wound.
  • [29.49] – What the two things are that personal trainers sell.
  • [32.15] – Where trainers are going wrong with their social media posts.
  • [33.15] – How different online vs offline marketing is?
  • [37.45] – Being yourself and how this can be magnetic in personal training.
  • [42.00] – Tips for writing on social media.
  • [48.10] – How to educate people on social media without being boring?