Chris Burgess is the owner of Lift The Bar and Curious Gym (prev called the LTB Gym). He comes on to talk about how personal trainers should approach their marketing now that a lot of countries have dates for reopening as well as the countries that don’t. We discuss how to use a countdown approach to your gym reopening, why creating a video that shows off what you think of being a PT is so important just now, if he’s planning for a second wave and how to touch base with clients who left you during the lockdown.

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  • [02.01] – Does Chris think consumers will be receptive to buying gym memberships/ PT services post lockdown?
  • [05.55] – What his marketing strategy is for reopening his gym just now.
  • [10.16] – What his strategy would be if he was going back to a commercial gym?
  • [12.57] – How he’s going to internally market to ensure his old and previous clients come back to his gym?
  • [17.28] – Will he be giving discounted prices to clients who lose their job or have reduced hours?
  • [19.38] – How listeners who don’t have a reopening date should approach their marketing just now.
  • [22.16] – If he’s planning for a second wave and potential closure of his gym again.