Chris Burgess is the owner of Lift the Bar, an education company for Personal Trainers, and Curious Fitness, a semi-private gym in Paulton, England. Stuart and Chris discuss whether the novelty of zoom sessions will start to wear off on clients who bought into in-person PT, how to think about retention during COVID-19 and what you should do if all of yours clients have said no to doing online training.

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  • [03.33] – Will the novelty of zoom sessions start to wear off for your clients?
  • [06.43] – Why the question has to be “is this real?”
  • [11.43] – How to embrace the novelty of delivering sessions online
  • [16.09] – Is he worried about how long this is going to take to get back to some form of normality?
  • [19.53] – How he is viewing retention
  • [25.13] – How to handle going from 5/10-20 sessions a week to zero as your clients don’t want to do online sessions