On today’s episode, I talk to LTB’s head honcho Chris Burgess, Mark Fisher from Mark Fisher Fitness and Business for Unicorns and Pete Dupuis from and Cressey Sports Performance about their experiences with public speaking. We cover what their first time on stage was like, how they prepare, dealing with nerves, audience engagement and much more.

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  • (02.30) – What each of the guests first professional public speaking appearances were like.
  • (09.06) – Why speaking about subjects you truly care about and have experience with is so important.
  • (11.35) – How Mark approaches preparation for his speaking engagements.
  • (12.31) – Why Chris decided to get a public speaking coach.
  • (19.46) – How Pete deals with nerves.
  • (21.01) – How Mark deals with nerves.
  • (26.17) – How Chris deals with nerves.
  • (29.56) – Why being nervous is actually a compliment to your audience.
  • (36.56) – Engagement and interaction tips.
  • (45.31) – Why taking a class or getting a coach can be a huge help for improving public speaking.
  • (46.26) – Why Pete studies the most-watched Ted talks as part of his preparation.