In today’s show, we have a special 200th episode involving all three of the main LTB staff team – Chris, Claire and Gregg. I chat to Chris about marketing, Claire about finances and business and Gregg about movement screens. You can check out the timestamps below in the show notes if one is particularly relevant or interesting to you. Here’s to another 200 episodes!

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Chris Interview

  • 2.35 – is marketing more important than training or nutrition knowledge as a PT?
  • 8.55 – how to get more people talking about your service
  • 14.25 – where Chris got his first few clients from
  • 18.55 – does Chris think something trainers are lacking is a real love for being a PT?
  • 24.35 – does Chris think he’s got better at attracting the right kind of people for his businesses?

Claire Interview

  • 31.30 – Where to start when it comes to managing your finances
  • 34.40 – How often should you track your income and expenses?
  • 35.30 – Claire’s system for managing finances
  • 39.10 – Should you use an accountant?
  • 41.50 – Where to get more information and what you can claim back as an expense?
  • 47.30 – What can PT’s be doing more of when it comes to business?

Gregg Interview

  • 53.10 – How does Gregg use a movement screen?
  • 54.50 – Are movement screens important?
  • 59.10 – What about using something like the FMS?
  • 1.3.25 – Does Gregg send out any information prior to working with a client so he can create a better screen?
  • 1.5.10 – How he would structure a screen with a new general population client if he was doing one tomorrow?
  • 1.10.40 – How he frames what a movement screen is with a new client
  • 1.12.25 – Why we should get away from the corrective exercise trap
  • 1.13.50 – The importance of having an understanding of functional anatomy