Having only been in the industry for around 6 months, when I first saw the client consultations course on the LTB website I was very excited. Client consultations had always been a downfall of mine; I was getting lots of leads, but when it came to converting those to paying customers I was falling short somewhere.

The beauty of the course meant that all the information I needed was in front of me in one place. I could work through the workbook alongside the videos, this is great as I learn best by listening and then writing things down. The lessons within the course meant that the information was condensed into short bouts, only 20-30 minutes long, so I couldn’t get bored or distracted. These smaller lessons also meant that I had an idea of the time I could allocate each day to learning. Being busy with clients and programmes every day had meant that I wasn’t making time for further learning, and the idea of watching an hour long webinar hadn’t appealed. By condensing the information into smaller videos it meant that I could fit it into my day much more realistically and work through at my own pace.

Stuart’s way of teaching was great, he was very thorough with each lesson, but also had a way of giving you the information in a simple way and not causing any overwhelm. I was able to fully understand each point, and able to apply each of the different processes to my own business model before moving on to the next. The questions and action points at the end meant that I really had to absorb the information before moving on to the next lesson.  This stopped me from jumping through just to get the course done!

Since completing the course I have put an entire client consultations process in place and ensure that I follow this model with every lead that I get. I am also much more aware of how to deal with clients and their initial apprehension towards the gym; Stuart talks about listening and then repeating back to the client, as well as the importance of building rapport.  These are now what my consultation process is built around rather than trying to sell my products. I also set up simple forms that I hadn’t had previously, including a charter of expectations so that each and every potential client has an idea of what I am about and where we hopefully go together on this journey.

Even if you have been a trainer for years, I believe this course is worth its weight in gold. Small things, such as having your forms in place or knowing how to deal with a lead who doesn’t sign up, make such a difference to your business and how it runs. I’d love to say I now have a 100% conversion rate, however, I’m still implementing things and seeing how it goes. I have converted 90% of leads since completing the course, and find consults so much easier now that I have a system and processes in place. Thank you Stuart, and Lift the Bar, for making these courses and making PT life a little bit easier!


If you are interested in finding out more about the client consultations course or other courses available for Lift the Bar members (including members on the free trial) check out the member content here

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